Updating an Older Version

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To Update the current version of Adaptive Parts Environment (APE), use Rhino's Package Manager or the Adaptive Parts Environment (APE) Installer.

Known Package Manager Issues

Error after Restart

Due to a bug in Rhino's package manager, you might need to restart Rhino twice in order to install the updated Version.

We have informed McNeel about this error, but are not certain, when they will solve the issue.

Warning when Opening Grasshopper

When opening Grasshopper, you might be prompted with a GHA File conflict. In this case, select the one with the newer version. Do not delete any file.

Update using the Adaptive Parts Environment Installer (Rhino 7 only)

Run the installer, which can download here. https://www.rhenso.com/adaptive-parts-environment

It will automatically uninstall previous versions and install the latest Version found online.

Manually updating - Uninstall and Reinstall

Alternatively, you can use the Windows Command Line to uninstall and reinstall

  • Close Rhino
  • Open the Windows command line by typing "cmd" into the windows search field
  • Copy, paste & execute the following
    "C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\System\yak.exe" uninstall AdaptivePartsEnvironment
  • Start Rhino and open PackageManager
  • Install latest release of AdaptivePartsEnvironment

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