Install AdaptivePartsEnvironment from a YAK file

Created by Martin Manegold, Modified on Tue, 17 Jan 2023 at 09:57 AM by Martin Manegold

In some cases, IT infrastructure does not allow the download and installation of YAK packages from outside the local network.

An alternative way for this installation is to create your own local YAK resource in your local network or even your local machine.

1) Download the lates YAK file from our ChangeLog Website:

2) Choose a local or network location, you have access to.

3) Open the Rhino Options for example by typing “_Options” into the command line

Go to the menu point “Advanced” and look for the entry called


you can find it more quickly by typing “Package” into the filter field. 

Once you found it, double click the entry, to edit it. Add a Semicolon (;) after the existing entry and add your local path. 

The package manager will from now on look at these two locations for resources.


If your YAK Files location would be “C:\Users\John.Doe\Documents” the string should look like this:; C:\Users\John.Doe\Documents

4) Restart Rhino

5) Open Rhino again and open the Package manager. The package should now be available in the package manager.


Make sure to regularly check our website for updates. 



In some cases, depending on your security settings, it might be necessary to not only add your location, but also remove the existing entry ( completely. Doing wo will result in only displaying packages, which are locally present.

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